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    YCH-SKE2 Living Aid Super Kegel Exerciser- Excercise Equipment


    Super Kegel Exerciser

    Strengthen your pelvic muscles with YCH Super Kegel Exerciser. You'll help improve bladder control, enhance sexual pleasure and alleviate back pain. It also tones thighs and buttocks, so you'll look better, too! YCH Super Kegel Exerciser is made by durable PP and high quality stainless steel spring plate K500. Comparing to the current model which's made by PVC and steel, it's more friendly to human body! Super Kegel Exerciser 1. Materials: PP Plastic 2. Easy to use and carry 3. Ideal one piece and durable design to use 20,000 times. 4. Net weight: 200g 5. Optional colors: pink/blue/green