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" Designed to provide users a safe, comfort products. "

We strive to be close to the needs of every elder and listen to their needs. Every elder can truly improve the quality of life through our products, and then having a better life is our goal. We are constantly developing and working in various home care products, in order to meet the needs of the elderly.

The walking cane is not only an assistant to action but also an extension of personal fashion.


  • Pivoting Base DR. CANE’s pivoting head design allows the cane to tilt in all directions, allowing the cane to keep contact with the ground at all times and helping you maintain balance and control in any type of terrain and at any angle.​

  • Suspension System DR. CANE features an inner suspension system designed to help reduce physical stress and strain. The suspension system isolates the user from bumps and vibrations that occur when the cane comes in contact with the ground, helping to protect muscles and joints from damage and wear.

  • Rubber Tip Replacement You can easily change the rubber tip to choose between the 1-point tip as normal walking cane, 3-point tip as an all-terrain cane or 4-point tip as a quad cane.